The sauna is a 2000 year old tradition coming from the cold of Scandinavian countries. We go to the sauna with family or friends to relax and recharge our batteries.
Unlike the hammam, the sauna acts on the body and the organism thanks to dry thermal heat. After a shower, we dry off and enter this room where the temperature varies from 80°C to 100°C.

The diffused heat comes from a stove on which volcanic stones are placed which are sprinkled from time to time with a ladle of flavored water. If you feel oppressed by the heat, lie down on the lower bench where the air is cooler.

As blood circulation is accelerated thanks to the heat, you are relieved of stress and your muscles are relaxed.

By sweating in heat above 90°C, you can lose up to a liter of water. It is therefore recommended to drink before and after the sauna. The skin is also cleansed of any toxins through sweating. It is the ideal treatment after sport.

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